Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Racing gives me such a rush...that and the heroin

The Sporting News reports that NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver Aaron Fike admitted that he used heroin on race days.
This story immediately evokes memories of Doc Ellis' LSD and David Wells' booze induced no-hitters. But it is apparent that this is a completely new level of drug abuse. Mr. Ellis and Mr. Wells had little chance of critically injuring their peers. Aaron Fike was behind the wheel of a vehicle, thus endangering himself and all of the other competitors.
I have always been for mandatory PED testing, but against mandatory recreational drug testing in professional sports. I don't see the problem with a line backer enjoying his day off however he sees fit. Auto sports on the other hand are a horse of a different color. These guys are flying around the track, thats why it surprised me when I read that NASCAR's policy is to test for drugs only when suspicion has been aroused. Every driver in the NASCAR series needs to demand a policy change for their own safety.

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