Friday, February 15, 2008

Aramis Ramirez Takes Down Lil' Jerry Seinfeld

Now I must disclose that Aramis Ramirez is currently one of my favorite Cubs, its not because of his hustle or his great range at the hot corner, but because of his F**k you attitude when he hits a home run. Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano have to be among the league leaders for time spent admiring any prodigious shot to the outfield. But Soriano is a little too jovial when admiring his handiwork, while Ramirez has a little Kaiser Soze in him so I've always had a soft spot for A-Ram (a much cooler nickname than his cousin Man-Ram, the innuendos with that nickname are priceless).

Then I find out he's been doing this in the off-season. Now I know that there are "cultural differences" but this is kind of revolting, especially after the whole "Vickgate" went down just months ago. I know it's legal in the Dominican Republic and that a bunch of players are involved in it, but I still find it rather disgusting that this is "entertainment" to these guys. Although nothing will come of this as far as fines or suspensions something has been lost, my "blind faith" in A-Ram.

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