Friday, February 15, 2008

Pitchers and catchers:The aftermath

Well this blog has been live for roughly 24 hours and it is already in the middle of a major format change. The carefree days of analyzing the Chicago and greater Rhinelander sports scene are gone. The people have spoken and I will now be voice of the St. Louis area. My job will be to keep Mr. Savaricas’ giant Chicago sports ego in check, and at the same time show why St. Louis is superior in every way.

Pitchers and catchers reported for duty yesterday, and that can only mean one thing—another chance for Major League Baseball to squeeze every dime they can out of their fans by creating a pointless spring training logo and slapping it on everything they can think of. Sorry if I’m coming off slightly more cynical then my counterpart, but unless there is a stack of money in this briefcase the Cardinals are in for a long season. No matter how the organization tries to spin it, we are in a rebuilding year.

Major question marks surround this team. The pitching staff’s hopes rest on two injured hurlers, and an ex-Cub. All three projected outfielders are left-handed (This should help the club break out of its 4 year funk against left-handed pitching). Not to mention Ceasar Izturis was our major free agent singing.

But all is not lost Cardinal fans. There are still several things to look forward to this season. 1. Albert Pujols making a bid for the Triple Crown. 2. Rick Ankiel’s continued meteoric rise. 3. Seeing if former World Series MVP Troy Glaus can return to form. 4. Watching Yadier Molina win his first gold glove. And the thing to look forward to the most this baseball season is beating the Cubs in both head-to-head match-ups, and in overall records.

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