Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Week That Was (SGA and Socks Edition)

The week that was.

Pitchers and catchers reported for duty on Thursday. But the real news was the release of the 2008 Busch Stadium promotional schedule. The first noteworthy giveaway is Sunday, April 27. “25,000 fans, 16 and over, will receive a replica of Sportsman's Park, home of the St. Louis Browns and the St. Louis Cardinals”. This will complete the collection of all three stadiums that the Cardinals have played in for the most staunch of stadium give away aficionados. The next day that catches my eye is May 18. Stan Musial will be the first in what I can only hope turns into a series of Clark and Eighth replicas. Mid June brings us the next item of interest. June 15 is slated to be FredBird bobble belly day. This raises a few questions, namely what the hell is bobble belly. A quick Google search turns this up. The second issue I have with this promotion is that it is only available to children 15 and under. As we’ll explore in a second bobble heads are for everyone, but apparently when the bobble drops below the neck it’s only suitable for children. Following the belly bobble travesty there is quite a drought of worth while SGA’s—and then as if out of nowhere they hit us with two bobble head nights in one month. September brings us Albert Pujols on the 7th and Red Schoendienst on the 26th.

In case you missed it…

Anthony Reyes had LASIK surgery in the off season prompting Jeff Gordon to write, “Maybe Anthony Reyes LASIK surgery will help, but will he also bend the bill of his cap, bring down his socks and fix his pitch location?” Now I couldn’t agree more about the hat and the pitch location, but he wears his socks the way they are meant to be worn.

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