Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wing-Gate Day 2

Yesterday was very interesting in our little corner of cyberspace.  George ran a story covering the events that lead to the January 27th brawl that left the tigers in shambles.  The end result of the brew-ha-ha is quite well known, but until yesterday many people were in the dark about the culture and behavior of the MU basketball team.

We had a scoop on our hands, but no way to let the masses in on it.  George penned the article, while I set out to gain it exposure.  The quickest and most effective way to get this information out to the fans seemed to be through message boards.  I spent the majority of my morning posting links to our blog on various fan forums.  The reception was less then positive.  Many message board administrators felt the need to remove all discussions regarding the story.  This left us in a tight spot.  I then decided to interview our sources and publish a press release based on the information gathered.

The Presser

Former Athena Employees Speak Out

By Anthony Atencio

St. Louis--University of Missouri guards Jason Horton and Stefhon Hannah were both recently charged with third-degree assault.  The charges stem from a Jan. 27 braw that left Hannah with a broken jaw.

New light has been shed on the altercation as several former Athena employees have stepped forward to expose the events of Jan. 27 and the culture that surrounded both the team and the nightclub they frequented.

According to sources the fight broke out when Hannah was denied gratis service.  One former employee recalled, “Every night there were issues with paying.”  Another ex-staffer described the basketball team’s attitude by saying that they were, “Rude as hell.”  He went on to say, “Everything had to be free.”

A former employee described an atmosphere where, “[basketball players] were getting compt left and right.”  He went on to say that the players, engaged in what he described as, “constant marijuana smoking” in the club.

 One source claimed, “I never saw anyone pay for anything.”  


As of 9:30a.m. The Columbia Tribune has shown an interest in going forward with the story.  I have been interviewed once, and am scheduled to do a follow up later this afternoon.  I will update the progress of the story as it develops.

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nick said...

I believe that I heard Hannah ask the cook, "what did the five fingers say to the face?"
When the cook ignored Hannah with and gave no response he was SLAPPED across the face!