Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brett Favre Retires...But Wait, Where's Brett???

This is the first 2:30 of Brett Favre's retirement press conference held on 3-4.

Now I've attended a press conference or two in my day and I'd always figured that the Brett Favre retirement presser would be the biggest, or one of the biggest I'd ever cover. Little did I know that the Brett Favre retirement press conference would be one of the more mundane events of my young career, and it wouldn't even include Brett Favre.

Talk about anticlimactic, a 45 minute retirement press conference that doesn't include the principal party. In the beginning of the presser the focus was on trying to determine Brett's thought process the last 48 hrs that culminated in his decision to hang em' up. There were a few moments of levity during the proceedings, one in particular being when head coach Mike McCarthy was asked
>"(The picture has always been Brett riding his tractor off into the sunset, but do you see a future in football for him, as an analyst or coach maybe?)"

McCarthy: I'd be shocked. And I'll just warn you all, if you try to climb the fence he's going to shoot you, I'll just pass that on for you. No, I'd be shocked. He'd be great at it, but I don't think he's coming out from behind the fence very often.

The only slightly "controversial" question focused on the timing of Favre's retirement coupled with Randy Moss re-signing with the Patriots. "Shockingly" Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy side-stepped the question by saying it was a day to "focus on Brett" and his legacy in the Packer organization. Otherwise, it was about as bland a press conference you could have for possibly the best football player to ever play the game.

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