Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Senior Night At Mizzou...Kalen Grimes and Stefhon Hannah Watch From Home

Senior night for most schools is a celebration, as four years of hard work and dedication to a program are rewarded with a moment of recognition before their home finale. Tonight, the Missouri Tigers hold their senior night to honor: Jason Horton, Marshall Brown, Vaidatos Volkus and Darryl Butterfield. Unlike most schools, fans won't just be honoring the four seniors, they'll be thinking about the two men that will be watching the game from home. Since Stefhon Hannah was dismissed from the team the Tigers have been in a free fall, and Graham Watson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch writes Stefhon is surely missed,

"In the nine games since his dismissal, the Tigers have slumped to 3-6 and are close to missing the postseason altogether. The Tigers have given up 79.2 points a game, compared with 69.4 percent when Hannah was aboard. Two opponents in that stretch have hung 100 or more points on Missouri, the first time since 1995-96 that two have done so in one season."

While the Tigers have tanked since "Fight Club Athena" went down, the four remaining seniors also bear the brunt of the blame for how this year's squad has under-achieved. This senior class will most be remembered for their un-tapped potential. They will graduate as the first class in more than three decades to have never recorded a winning record in conference and they didn't even come within even a whiff of the NCAA tournament.

The current state of the Missouri basketball program is a sad one that has hopefully bottomed out. While Marshall Brown and Vaidatos Volkus deserve being recognized for their contributions to the university, the remaining two seniors along with Kalen Grimes and Stefhon Hannah deserve most of the blame for the new lows the Tigers have reached the last four years.

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