Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Final 4

I'll let you all in on my formula for picking the Final Four--for whatever thats worth. My picks always include two number one seeds. My reason is simple. All four number ones have never advanced to face each other, (You hear that Mr. Bilas?) and three number ones is a possibility, but not a very fun one. I pick the two number one seeds that have the best teams, and or clearest path to the end. That means that the next step is to look at at the other two number ones and see where they are most likely to fall. After that the bracket pretty much fills its self out.
This year I think that North Carolina has the best team from top to bottom. This earns them the first spot in my Final Four. Next, I think UCLA has the easiest path to the finals. That takes care of the one seeds. For my final two spots I'll take Pittsburgh and Georgetown.

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