Thursday, March 20, 2008

Revealing My Picks

After three days of watching far too much ESPN I have finally filled out my first bracket. I must say, the "pussiness" of the "experts" this year is quite appalling. On Mike and Mike this morning, Greeny was trying to justify having all four number one seeds in his final four (its never freaking happened before, why would it happen this year????????????), while Golic was the ballsy one with two 1-seeds and two 2-seed.

Well, I decided to go with a happy medium between the two Mike's, my Final is: North Carolina, Kansas, Texas and UCLA, and yes I realize that I just ripped on Greeny for four number 1's and I just substituted Texas for Memphis and no my vaj isn't in turmoil. For some reason I couldn't pull the trigger on Pitt going to the Final Four (Elite Eight game would be in Texas) or G-Town topping KU (Bill Self can't choke this many years in a row....can he???) or picking against Carolina when they the equivalent of four home games on their road to the Final Four. I do have two upset specials though (which I deem as having the balls to pick a team seeded 7 and higher to the sweet 16/or seeded 12 and higher to win in the first round), 13-seed Winthrop upsetting Wazzou and Notre Dame (a team they beat in last year's tournament) to advance to the Sweet 16, and Mississippi State over Memphis in the second round. I do have a decent history of picking upsets (I picked 14-seed Bucknell over 3-seed Kansas in 2005), but my Final Four's usually suck. I will try and find a way to make my entire bracket viewable so my pathetic picks can be skewered via comments.


Savaricas said...

I'm an idiot.

Anonymous said...

where is the article about the MU linebacker getting nailed. And Macon riding shotty. Mizzou athletics is more comical than the 1st season of perfect strangers