Sunday, March 9, 2008

This Buds for Missouri

A few days ago Missouri State Rep. Curt Dougherty proposed that Budweiser become the official beer of the state of Missouri--as reported here and here. This is an interesting move to say the least.

First let’s look at the man behind the law. Curt Dougherty’s web-site shows him casually leaning on the capital in a Tommy Bahama-esque shirt. This man is clearly no stranger to the product that he is pushing.

Next let’s examine Missouri’s current state symbols. Missouri has a state seal, animal, flag, fossil, mineral, rock, tree, aquatic animal, song, American folk dance, bird, floral emblem, insect, musical instrument, capital, tree nut, fish, day, horse, grape, dinosaur, and amphibian. A state beer isn’t any stranger than a state tree nut is it?

Some of you are saying, this is great and all but as a Missourian I wouldn’t want the other 49 states to think we are alcoholics. To you I say, you have no nothing to worry about, according to the USA Today article, Alabama in 2004 made Conecuh Ridge Alabama Fine Whiskey that state's official spirit”. It’s not like anyone looks down on Alabama.

I say Rep. Dougherty needs to expand upon his idea. Making a drink brewed in St. Louis the official beer of Missouri is a good start, but I’d like to see him take it up a notch. Let’s make the Cardinals the official baseball team of Missouri. It’s not like there is much competition. The Blues have the inside edge to be the official hockey team of the state. I’ll admit that Kansas City has a legitimate argument for making the Chiefs the state football team, but once we make St. Louis the official best city in Missouri that argument evaporates.

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The Tao said...

Yikes, I dunno... I prefer Miller Lite. Also, I'd bet my beer against yours that the Royals finish with a better record than the Cardinals this year.