Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brett Favre Tries to Pass the Torch to Aaron Rodgers...Results in INT

The day has finally come for Packer Nation, Brett Favre has stepped aside. Finally, the long anticipated Aaron Rodgers era will take center stage. I know, living in Northern Wisconsin, that Packer fans everywhere had been secretly hoping for this day for years. Brett Favre was washed up, he couldn't even get the Packers to the Super Bowl at 38 and he was always a bit overrated.

On a more serious note, Im rather surprised that Favre decided to hang it up after the NFC Championship collapse and am saddened I won't be covering old number four in his 18th season. Favre was a joy to be around and played with a childlike enthusiasm that was un-matched in the NFL. While this is every Bear fans "wet dream", its still a sad day for the NFL. Ill be attending the press conference at 3pm in Green Bay so Ill provide more information about Favre's retirement later this evening. Plus, a tip of the cap to Indaytonwetrust.blogspot.com for finding the twisted testicle story first, our lives have all been enriched because of it.

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